Enigma Hazelnut Chocolate

Enigma Hazelnut Chocolate


3000MG Per Bar

Organic and Ethically Sourced

Ingredients:  Raw cacao butter*, Cacao paste*, Coconut sugar*, Skim milk powder, Hazelnuts, Vanilla*.

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Enigma Hazelnut Milk Chocolate (3000MG)

Microdose psychedelic has joined forces with a renowned chocolatier in Canada to craft a truly unique hazelnut milk chocolate bar made with the potent strain enigma. Our culinary alchemy brings together the richness of ceremonial-grade cacao with the magnificent magic of our Enigma strain. Immerse yourself in the experience of this delectable and enlightening chocolate, where each bite is a journey into the realms of flavour and consciousness.Derived from ceremonial-grade cacao, known for its heart-opening properties, our chocolate is a blend of indulgence and spirituality. Theobromine, serotonin, proanthocyanin, anandamide, methylxanthines, tryptophan, phenylethylamine, and more converge in a symphony of health-restoring and consciousness-enhancing compounds. This harmonious fusion is more than a treat for your taste buds; it’s a portal to a heart-opening experience.

The Enigma Mushroom Strain is a captivating and enigmatic variety that holds the intrigue of seasoned psychonauts and curious explorers alike. With its unique characteristics, this strain is renowned for inducing a profound and mysterious journey into the realms of consciousness.

Cacao, in addition to its divine taste, acts as an MAOI inhibitor, safeguarding neurotransmitters like serotonin from breakdown. This unique quality means you may find yourself needing less than your usual dose, but always remember to approach consumption with intention. Dive into the enigmatic world of our hazelnut milk chocolate bar, where every square is a tantalizing blend of flavour, magic, and mindful indulgence.


Dosages: Each bar contains 3000mgs of psilocybin mushrooms per bar. Each square of chocolate is dosed at 150mgs per square, with a total of 20 squares.


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Enigma Hazelnut Chocolate